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Group Sound Sessions

Sound healing uses harmonic vibrational sounds through the highest quality Himalayan and quartz crystal singing bowls, the gong, chimes, voice practices and other instrumentation to permeate at the deepest cellular level, quickening the release of deeply held emotional and physical stresses. Layers of tightness melt, allowing a resurgence of life force energy and stimulating the body’s natural ability to self heal and return to its natural integrity and wholeness. The results are often phenomenal.

The Mindfulness Center  in Bethesda, Maryland

  is hosting a  Zoom Sound Session 

Sunday, September 13     1pm - 3 pm        $35

Contact studio to register and you will be emailed a link to the session.

Be prepared at time of session with ear buds or head phones for the best possible sound quality.

Also a pillow and blanket or whatever else is needed for lying on the floor fully supported and comfortable.

Note:  The relaxation and restoration qualities and benefits will be experienced, yet please note, with Zoom there will be some minor sound interference.

More to be posted soon!

Check back  by 9 . 4 . 2020.

Sound Immersion One

Patricia is passionate about sharing the resurgence of the ancient practices of sound vibration as a potent healing modality.  Harmonic primordial sounds are created through Himalayan and quartz crystal singing bowls, the gong, chimes, voice practices and other instrumentation to release the body’s blocked energies. The process is one of the oldest forms of healing and is said by philosophers Rudolph Steiner, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce to be ‘The Medicine of the Future’.  The vibrations permeate at the deepest cellular level, stimualting the release of deeply held emotional and physical stresses.  Layers of tightness melt, stimulating the body’s natural ability to self heal.  Balancing us Body, Mind and Spirit, gently, lovingly and holistically. Learn about this beautiful practice in a two-day, very experiential training.  You will learn the fundamentals of Sound healing, how to use your voice to allow the body to express emotions within and delve into the magnificent quartz crystal bowls!  Come join us for this fun and very interactive course!                    More info      

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