The Visit

After 12 years of a very difficult marriage and two years finalizing a divorce, I was returning

to my hometown, back to my parents in Baltimore from San Diego.   I am in the kitchen with

my aunt.  She opens her wallet to give my dad something and a picture of Mother Mary slides

across the island counter landing in front of me.   I am captured by the energy emanating

from the photo.


Hours later, exhausted by the trip and with a rare headache, I went to bed early.



                                                                                  ~      ~      ~

The house was pitch black, and in my sleepless reverie I hear my mom call up the steps saying a friend

was there to visit me.  As I lay there on my side, propped up by my elbow I called out to her to send

them up.  A moment later a cast of light started illuminating the doorway and shortly after a women

entered the room.  I felt calm, yet curious.  She appeared to be South American with a slight build and a

sweet face with long, dark brown wavy hair and about 30 years old.  Her sweater had wide horizontal stripes of purples, greens and magentas and everything below was black.  I sat up on the side of the bed and She sat down next to me, touched my hands (which I could feel) and looked into my eyes.  I remember her saying one or two things to me, hearing what she said but not remembering soon after.  I recalled two markings on her face.  One was one her forehead which may have been ash, another above her left temple which I asked her about.  She said something I do not remember, and gestured that I need not be concerned.  There were about 3 silver necklaces around her neck. She removed one of them with a white oval pendant and put it around my neck.  I could feel her do this.  She the leaned over and gave me a hug as I felt her left cheek against mine and the softness of her hair.  Touching both of my hands again, she gazed into my eyes with beautiful, loving eyes and the sweetest smile.   Arising from the bed, she walked out of the room as the light gradually faded.

                                                                              ~      ~      ~


I remember consciously doing a body check about a couple times during this experience to make sure I was awake and not dreaming.  I sat in awe and stillness reviewing what had just occurred trying to recall each detail.   I reached for my neck to check for the necklace...nothing was there.


My brother, who had been sleeping the the next bedroom, said to my parents and myself at breakfast "That was a weird night!  Did you hear a lot of talking in the middle of the night?"


After Christmas my mom and I went to visit another aunt.   My aunt said she had something that belonged to me.  She knew that I was a 'religious' person and felt I should have it.    She goes out of the room and upon returning offered me a statue of Mother Mary. 

The days, weeks and months following the experience I felt surrounded by an energy of Grace, Light and Love,  and will forever be grateful 

for this most precious gift.







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