What is Sound Healing?

EVERYTHING in the know Universe is made up of atoms and molecules, so therefore movement of energy or vibration inherently occurs.  Where there is vibration, there is Sound.  So therefore, even though not always audible, everything is Sound.


In this vest energetic feedback loop, our bodies are constantly being vibrated on a cellular level, by heard and unheard sound frequencies.  Some of these sounds are dissonant and can shock our systems, while others are inaudible, having a slow, negative long term effect, and some sounds can raise our vibration, stimulating wellness.  When you are in sound health, energy flows through your body like a river, through a network of arteries, veins and meridians, and your chakras are spinning at a rapid, healthy rate.


When born we were all created with a unique ‘blueprint’’ in our DNA of what our perfect health is.  These atoms and molecules that make up our organs, bones, glands and tissues in our bodies resonate together like an orchestra, creating your unique vibration or signature ‘song’.



Energy around us and within us is forever moving and changing.  It is mirroring our thoughts and moods, the air we breathe, electromagnetic fields and quality of food we ingest, which constantly informs this flow of energy.  Emotions also have a large impact on our bodies.  Oftentimes grief may show up in the lungs, anger in the liver and fear in the kidneys.  If not expressed and released, these issues can create blockages that are stored in the body and prevent a free flow of life force energy, Chi, or Prana.  The body will display symptoms that let us know when something is out of balance and needs to be brought back ‘in tune’.


Therapeutic sound coupled with heartfelt intention, bypasses the analytical mind and nourishes the nervous system through the ear, vibrations of water through the body, sensory receptors of the skin, and information from our energy field.   When there is resonance with your therapist, pure intention and a careful soundscape is created, deep states of relaxation can be reached and the wisdom of tones can stimulate the body to self-heal.


Sound stimulates us to vibrate at a higher frequency, which unlocks unhealthy emotional tension held within our cellular memory.    It invites you to move into a peaceful stillness, cultivating heightened awareness of your inner world, hence developing intuition & supports living your Divine purpose.

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