My journey as a sound healer was inspired from my immersion into Vedic chant from my many sojourns to India, by my love of nature and desire to be in service to others.  I have been privileged to learn from many noted teachers such as Tom Kenyon, Don Conreaux and Karina Schelde.  I hold group or individual sound sessions,  transformative retreats,  created the Sound Immersion workshop series and provide sound instruments through personalized sales.


It is my passion to share Sound medicine through the quartz crystal and Himalayan bowls, the gong, voice, shruti box and bells.   Trained in Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki, these healing frequencies are expressed through my sessions. Harmonic sound incites a deep relaxation and letting go as the tones act as keys to unlock denser energy held within the physical, emotional and etheric bodies and the unconscious mind.


 It is my passion to create a journey  -  to place where the mind is empty and the Sound is full, unlocking the emotions held within your cellular memory, thus, balancing the body, mind and spirit.  

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