Sound Immersion One ~  Certified Trainings


 Winter / Spring  Schedule

                                   Held at  the beautiful...

                                Ancient Oaks Homa Farm

                                    Westminster, Maryland


Saturday, February 27               10am - 6pm

Sunday, February 28                  10am - 5pm       

Saturday, March 21                     10am - 6pm

Sunday, March 22                        10am - 5pm     

Saturday, May 1                            10am - 6pm

Sunday, May 2                               10am - 5pm 





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Limit:  5

Exchange:  $450  

Questions?     410 . 303 . 9491

Become more aware of the energy of SOUND through this AWAKENING, experiential, certified training...focused on the fundamentals of SOUND, expressing your body's emotions through vocal toning and the beautiful quartz crystal bowls.

Science shows that Sound Healing creates a soothing ‘cellular massage’, disengaging the mind, nourishing the nervous system, activating crystalline particles in our bodies, shifting brain wave states and stimulating our body, mind and spirit into deep relaxation causing great transformation!

Learn the fundamentals of Sound and discover why this innovative music heralded as the “medicine of the future” is sweeping the world! Explore its potency through stillness, voice, sharing, hands on play, movement and take home practices.

This certified training is perfect for personal health enhancement, musicians, singers and non-singers, yoga instructors, psychologists, nurses, body and energy workers and spiritual seekers. For the novice and more experienced as well!


(Bowls sales at trainings).


 ". . . my head and heart are foremost changed!  The vibration of my soul is ALIVE and awake to a degree that I am not sure I’ll  'fall asleep' ever again."          Stephanye  C.

Included in the training:

*  A sound healing session by Patricia offering a unique experience for each participant.
*  An overview of the fundamentals of Sound Healing thru informative power point and video.
* Discussion of The 6 Energetic Layers that create who we are 
*  How Sound and intention effect us physically and energetically 
*  Innovative, fun and devotional vocal toning exercises for daily rituals and group circles. 
*  Learn the Tom Kenyon method of sensing energy and using voice as catalyst for change
*  Many creative applications for using the bowls for wellness & ceremony.         

Upon completion of Sound Immersion One you will:

 • Be familiar with the fundamental knowledge of Sound, its History, How it heals us & Research
 • Create a Daily Vocal Toning practice
 • Know how to create playful, devotional and healing  vocal tones for self and others,
 • Demonstrate refined techniques for playing the quartz crystal bowls and various applications. 
 • Feel amazing from deeply transformative healing sessions 
 • Be totally Motivated & Inspired, while feeling more Joyful and Alive!! 

"Truly the most knowledgeable, educated, empathetic and caring soul to honor her future sound healers with her expertise in Sound Immersion is Patricia Norton. If you are remotely interested, make the time to immerse yourself. You won't regret it."              Jennifer P.                                          


Manual with valuable information.
Laminated vocal toning chart.
Certificate for Completion of course.
Opportunity to purchase your Quartz Crystal Bowl at training for 10% discount!  Offer good for 30 
days after training!
Baltimore Yoga Village     November 2018

Zoetic Wellness   March 2019


“Thank you for supporting me in my Sound Healing endeavor. Your guidance is truly appreciated. I’m attracted to you because you freely share with others what you do and why, with the thought that it will make a difference in our lives and the world. I consider you a teachers teacher and forever my teacher."             Lani

“THANK YOU!!! Thank you, thank you for all that you gave during the weekend training. I really didn't know what to expect from the weekend, but my mind and heart have been blown wide open with this experience and this introduction to sound healing. I am amazed!”      Jessie H.


"I wanted to tell you again how transformative this weekend has been!    I loved every minute of it! "         Molly S.

"Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I learned a lot and I’m so excited for all of the ways this training will shift my life.   

Patricia is a knowledgable, kind soul that makes everyone feel safe to share their voice and their Light.”    Jess A.

"This class was absolutely amazing!  It was a very powerful experience and Patricia is such a beautiful soul.  I recommend this class for everyone."    Dionne  J.


“Loved the opportunity to feel so connected to all.  Removed doubt and found my calling to develop this powerful tool to heal myself, others and Mother Earth.”              Anna P.


“Loved it!!  Patricia is so knowledgeable and inspiring.  I learned a ton!”       Jane  S.

“Thank you Patricia for the amazing workshops.  They were invaluable experiences for me personally and professionally. Your warm, authentic, heart centered approach made the information easy to grasp. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge and so many tools so generously.  Your love of sound and it's healing potential came through in both workshops, which made them thorough, rich with content, and learning experiences.  Thank you for helping me grow!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Stephanye C.        


“I am so happy I attended this training.  I’m looking forward to incorporating sound into my practice.”         R. M. O.



"I feel like this class unlocked knowledge that was already inside me but obscured by ego.  Patricia and the sounds brought wisdom to the surface with lightness and joy.  What a exceptional and enjoyable experience!"           Johnny  

“This is the most inspiring learning, healing, experiential event that I have ever partaken!   I feel like only now am I just coming into my own body! “Sound Immersion One has blown my mind and I am looking forward to Sound Immersion 2!”            Barry


"Thank you.... for lending me the bowls; for being instrumental in giving other students a beautiful healing sound experience; for being instrumental in my own healing specifically via your bowls, and in a broader stroke in being my first teacher in sound healing. My head and heart are foremost changed!  The vibration of my soul is ALIVE and awake to a degree that I am not sure I’ll “fall asleep” ever again."        Stephanye


“I LOVED our class. Thanks so much for spending so much time with us. The information was excellent and I so appreciate that you have taken all this training and then are giving us a composite form from many different teachers. I learned a lot about new possibilities for using sound AND I learned a lot about my growing awareness of other people's energy. (Louise was a good partner for that!) Look forward to further explorations in Sound Immersion Two. "             Ann H.


“Sound Immersion One provided a template of the fundamentals of Sound Healing.  The information provided was presented in an easily understood manner and an openness for questions and humor.  I highly recommend Patricia as a teacher, healer and mentor."          Penny 



 "This was the best hands-on class I have taken!  I loved being outside and connecting with nature."         Wendy


"Taking Patricia's Sound Immersion class has been a transformative experience for me! It enabled me to feel more confident in finding  my inner voice to use in healing.  Patricia is an excellent and highly skilled Sound Healer and workshop facilitator. I highly recommend this workshop and all of her Sound Immersion workshops to anyone interested in working in healing energy.”             Louise 

“Sound Immersion One lived up to my expectation of a delightful, well organized venture into the world of Sound. This was a hands-on workshop with hours devoted to toning and practicing crystal bowls of various sized and ranges. What I had not anticipated and found equally enjoyable were the numerous side ventures into other aspects of energy medicine such as the chakra system, dowsing and Patricia’s personal reflections. If you are looking to explore health through the paradigm of energy medicine, Sound Immersion One is a very good place to begin.”               Barbara 

"What a profound gift! Patricia's passion, experience and loving spirit held a beautiful & sacred space to learn and expand my skills and gifts in Sound Healing. Deep and transformative healing occurred through the demonstrations and hands-on exercises. I walked away a different person-more clear about my life."         Andrea

“Patricia’s Sound Immersion One class is great for both the novice and experienced Sound Healers.   Patricia is a very knowledgeable and compassionate teacher and guided the group through each experience with love and joy. “               Michele 

“Sound Immersion One was amazing.     I will never be the same.“        Linda 

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