Private Sound Healing Sessions

Sound healing sessions entices the body into deep relaxation, entraining brainwave rhythms and stimulating the body to self heal.

Whether for a specific issue or general stress reduction, clearing or maintenance, sound sessions can be customized or spontaneous according to your preference.    Sessions may include a Symphonic Gong, Crystal Tones quartz crystal bowls and/or ancient Himalayan bowls and other various instruments to support your needs in the moment.    The healing alchemy of Sound blended with Usui/Karuna/Holy Fire Reiki promote deep relaxation, allowing body, mind and spirit to make profound shifts.   The restorative qualities of a healing session may be felt immediately,  yet benefits are also cumulative and regular sessions are ideal to heal an existing issue, or to simply maintain emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Potential Benefits:

Balances left and right brain

Clear, align and balance the chakras

Detoxifies and energizes at a cellular level

improved sleep, clarity, memory and vitality
Release emotional and energetic blockages

Maximize energy flow through the body

Raises vibration of physical body and energy bodies

Ability to alter and raise consciousness

Relief from physical pain from auto immune diseases

Release emotional pain, stress, depression and anxiety

Enhance a deep sense of tranquility

First Session          $144   90 minutes

Thereafter             $111   75 minutes

Book 4 sessions and received 15% off

First 10 minutes are required for intake review.

The last 5-10 minutes of the session are reserved for consultation and support..


     For Individuals, Partners, Family or Friends 


Quartz Crystal Bowls and Reiki

Himalayan Bowl layout

Optional additions:

   * 15 minute vocal toning session.

   *  Tuning forks

   *  Essential oils - additional  $5

                            Contact Patricia for appointment

                                  410-303-9491 /   Email

  "We want to be joyful! 

What can be more joyful than harmonizing

through sound and music!

It opens all dimensions of one's being - 

from ancestral memories to cosmic purpose...


 You are flying between heaven and earth.

Your heart, your emotion, your spirit is free!

You are one with the sound.

 You are one with the silence..

 Scientist and Researcher Fabien Maman

Held at 

Ancient Oaks Homa Farm

Westminster, Maryland

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