Soul Recognition is a life awakening experience that brings a vibrational shift of consciousness in a safe and nurturing environment.

Accessing the Soul Seed,

we open the gateway to the soul’s essence, bringing guidance and direction for our life.

Soul Recognition Retreat

A deep and profound journey into the essence of your soul.

Thursday,October 17  -  Sunday, October 20

Held in north Ocean City, Maryland

 The Soul    Held within the Soul is our highest potential.  The soul is the meeting place of spirit and form, and contains knowledge and memory of the Source of all life. The soul’s spark has within it the blueprint of our design, purpose and destiny, which the solar plexus stimulates and the heart mediates. To live from the soul means that one is fully alive with the potential of the innate energy within their system, living from the balance of the above and the below.  

 The Journey     The soul’s vibration is deeply grounded within the conscious and subtle levels of the body, and you experience being fully alive, present and connected with others. Each soul is recognized and honoured as the memory of the blueprint is touched, felt and anchored within.   There is nothing that you need to do in this ancient & beautiful process.

Returning Home  In your journey you are guided by four facilitators who weave a field of union, creating a safe and loving space that invites and calls forth your soul’s unique expression. As layers of grief, misunderstanding, anger, fear, beliefs and conditioning are lifted away, joy floods the surface of your mind and heart, and you are free! You are re-birthed into the remembrance of union and oneness.

With Flo Aevia Magdalena

Author of 'I Remember Union'

The Venue  The Shark Finn is the finest and most exclusive Oceanfront home in North Ocean City.   It is very spacious with a huge kitchen, wrap around balcony,  and sliding glass doors that overlook the Atlantic.   It is a newer residence featuring an open floor plan with unparalleled five bedrooms and three and a half baths.  Enjoy the magnificent ocean with revitalizing walks on the beach.   

The retreat will be held at oceanfront,  luxury condominium Sharkfinn on 125th Street in north Ocean City, Maryland.   It is very spacious with a huge kitchen, wrap around balcony,  and sliding glass doors that overlook the Atlantic.   Enjoy the  magnificent ocean with revitalizing walks on the beach.   Bedrooms are allocated on a first come first serve bases, so be sure to register with Patricia soon for best selection.  All bedrooms are shared, so bring your partner or friend.

Lodging and workshop are included in pricing.  Vegetarian meals will be shared by all with each of us bringing/preparing either a one breakfast, lunch or dinner entre or two appetizers as your contribution.  Patricia to plan and assist with details.  Please provide any dietary sensitivities to Patricia.


Learning points from Soul Recognition are:
*Establishing Connection with Our Soul Seed
*Following/Guiding Self and Others’ Life Force Waves
*Integrating the 4-Levels: Body, Emotion, Mind and Spirit
*Awareness of Inter-dimensional Travel during Journeys
*Circuitry Alignment Protocols
*Chakra Opening, Balancing, Clarifying and Psychic Surgery
*Creating and Sustaining a Unified Group Field
*Opening Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudient Faculties
*Clarifying Life Purpose
*Energizing Life Force Channels
*Connecting with the Great Mother, Sophia, and the Earth Mother
*Discovering Non-Dual Ways to Join with Others as One Tribe/Community
              through the Practice of Listening/Speaking/Creating in Oneness

Note:   All beds have top quality mattresses.

Kitchen has 2 large refrigerators       

Arrival time:  Thursday, October 17 -  between 3 and 5pm. 

                          Dinner at 6:00.     First session after dinner.

Departure time:  Sunday, October 20th - after 3pm


Video testimonial  from Deb Barnett who received the Soul Recognition process.

“My own experience is that it is the most life changing thing I have ever done, without a doubt. It has cleared old patterns and ‘stuff’ that have been locked in for a very long time. It has also opened me up to the deeper, wiser more authentic aspects of myself. I am more connected with me and with those around me. I know why I am here, what I have come to do and most importantly I am doing it. It is still unfolding in me even now as my body integrates and aligns itself more and more each day with the pure energy/light of my soul.  "It is the deepest work you will ever ask yourself to do.”              K.M.

"The Soul RecognitionSM experience brings the pure energy of the soul into the body in a very real and grounded way. The body moves into alignment with the soul so that we can be fully present with all that we are and all that we could be. The Soul Recognition is also a journey of remembering the ancient ways of unity, connection and togetherness that we have perhaps forgotten. It is about Love.”          Gabriella

“DO IT! The experience was lovely, deeply loving. The result was subtly and colossally profound. I feel more at home in the strange place we call life on earth because I am not living from that tiny place anymore. I am living now in recognition from the grand perspective of the soul, my soul, All soul.”                Olaive Jones-Hialeah

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 Retreat Fee / Exchange:  $875

 If Any cancellations after September 15th,

$500 can be applied to other Soul Support Retreats in 2020.                   

Registration and payment to made through Patricia

Pay $875 in full HERE.  Due December 20th

Optional:  Experience the potent ancient ceremony of Homa Therapy called Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset. 

Contact Patricia for more inquiries

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