YOU ARE INVITED . . .  to join us on the island paradise of Jamaica with its azure waters, beautiful beaches, colorful flora, soulful culture and people!  FIRE up your SOUL and passion for 5 days and 4 nights at a beautiful  5 star - 8 bedroom Villa with pool and our own Jamaican chefs!  Duncan's Bay and its beautiful sunrise and sunsets are just a 5 minute walk from the Villa!  A perfect balance of two outdoor excursions and energy enhancing workshops with Patricia Norton and Robyn Ringgold allows space for self reflection and exploration of the islands many wonders. We are so Excited about our planned encounter with the JOYFUL Bottlenose Dolphins in their Natural Lagoon!  Gift yourself this incredible opportunity!  We will fly from BWI to Montego Bay, Jamaica, where you will be taken to Ocho Rios. No prior experience required.  Register early - space is limited.

Our Private  5 Star  ~  8 Bedroom Villa

Villa Testimonials

Enjoy an Unforgettable ... 

Dolphin Encounter

Dunns River Falls

Blue Hole

 Transformational Energy Sessions

Ancient Sound Healing

with Patricia Norton

Learn about the intelligence of the Dolphins, their purpose here on earth and the messages in their Sounds

Robyn Ringgold will facilitate the following:

Connect with the dolphin collective and receive energy and sound activations and discover

the ancient wisdom dolphins bring to the planet! 

Discover higher aspects of your self as we create space to release old belief systems, patterns,

and programming no longer serving you! 

Connect with the energies of the lands and waters of Jamaica for soul healing and rejuvenation!

For Inquiries - Contact Patricia

410 . 303 . 9491

$400 Deposit due By September 1, 2019

Balance by September 30, 2019

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