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Sacred Union to our Soul

northern Ocean City, Maryland

Retreating...with an Ocean View

 Friday evening, March 1  through  Sunday,  March 3, 2019

The deep chill of winter signals us to journey into more stillness.   Following natures lead, Patricia and Cherry Lee invite  a small group of women called to gather together for a restorative and transformational weekend in this beautiful and spacious home overlooking the ocean.  Together  we will create a sacred container with the intention of diving deeply into ourselves, releasing social conditioning, breaking down the walls, feeling into our bodies, feeling our feelings and uncovering what wisdom is there for us.

                       Let Go of Emotional Burden . Re-set your Life . Move into more Lightness!

You will leave the retreat feeling more Awake, Inspired, and Joyful about yourself and your potential to better serve your community and the world.

Ho’oponopono  ~   An effective ancient practice from the South Pacific that helps you identify an area of your life that calls for healing.   This transformative process creates a pathway to forgiveness filled with grace to set us free.  Release long held challenging emotions to create space for more beauty in your life.   Loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself.   As you improve yourself, you improve your world.  Learn how with ho'oponopono.  Many have experienced truly life-changing results through this process.

Release and Reclaim ~  Roses are the highest vibrational plant on the earth and will assist us in this releasing process.    We hold information in the bottom of our feet.   Old contracts, promises, vows from all dimensions and all times.  Even as we walk upon the Mothers belly we are collecting information.  Through this beautiful process of releasing, we allow for more space for higher frequencies to feed our souls.  

Soul Retrieval  ~  We will energetically clear ourselves of old beliefs and energies and release what no longer serves. Then we will journey upward to find the highest version of our soul that we have access to in this moment. We will take a quantum leap in vibration and embodiment. Integrating this newness into our body and field, finding ourselves firmly on a path of destiny. Feeling grounded, connected, vibrant and present.


Women's Wisdom Circle -  Women's circles create a sacred space where we can share with open heartedness, allowing each of us to be heard, understood and appreciated.   As we mirror the wholeness we see in each other, our newfound confidence creates a more meaningful life.  This can have a ripple effect, making a difference, first to our family, then to friends, then in the world.  Let us explore together aspects of more Conscious Living, the 5 Elements, and work with the potency of the Pineal gland with advanced information and practices you can carry into your lives. 

Sound Massage  -  As we soak in the sound of the ocean waves, supported in warmth by the fire place, snuggled in blankets, we will take a sonic journey into the deepest parts or being.  Chrissy and Patricia will play the Gong, Alchemy Quartz Crystal Bowls, Drums, Chimes and Voice penetrate us at a cellular level, quickening the release of long - held emotional and physical stresses.  Layers of tightness melt, allowing a resurgence of life force energy and stimulating the body’s natural ability to self heal.  Sound therapy  re-tunes the body, allowing a return to its natural integrity and wholeness.  Individualized intentions focused upon with Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki to ground the energies.

Your Hosts

Patricia Norton is a modern day Sound Healer who creates grace - filled spaces with carefully handcrafted meditative soundscapes for the enhancement of human energetic systems. She is the founder of Sound Immersion LLC,  and has been sharing the potency of Sound through group and private sessions, transformative retreats and certified trainings since 2008.  Her sessions are further enhanced as a Reiki Master in Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire systems and as a Shaman practitioner.  The ancient process of Agnihotra to heal the atmosphere is the foundation to all of her spiritual practices.  Patricia is the stewardess of a beautiful 28 acre farm in Westminster, Maryland where she deeply resonates with the sacredness of the land.

Cherry-Lee Ward is a contemporary shaman and healer, passionately pursuing a lush expression of the divine feminine in her own life and in the world round her. She weaves her own inquiry and understanding into her work, reaching internationally as a teacher, mentor and inspiring presenter.   She has received rites and is a certified Master Practitioner in Energy Medicine and Luminous Healing (Shamanic Healing) through the Light Body School. She is also certified in Healing Touch through the Healing Touch Program and spent a year studying the feminine spiral at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. She has been in private practice in the Baltimore area for 12 years and has a thriving practice seeing clients. Go to to learn more.

Chrissy Ehrhart -  We are so excited  to have Chrissy lead us again in gentle yoga Sunday morning!    Her joy and sweetness is contagious!  She will also join me in a facilitating the sound session later in the day.  


The retreat will be held at oceanfront,  luxury condominium Sharkfinn on 125th Street in north Ocean City, Maryland.   It is very spacious with a huge kitchen, wrap around balcony,  and sliding glass doors that overlook the Atlantic.   Enjoy the magnificent ocean breeze with revitalizing walks on the beach.   Bedrooms are allocated on a first come first serve bases, so be sure to register with Patricia soon for best selection.  All bedrooms are shared, so bring your partner or friend.

Room options 

Retreat price includes sessions and meals and is based upon room selected.   Rooms below are available unless otherwise noted.  

Single    or   Shared


A $200 Non-refundable Deposit

is due By February 1st to hold your space.

Balance due February 24th.

Media Room                                    $600        $325/each                Shared Bath Pull-out beds

Bunks and Queen                          $750         $395/each

Shared Bath

Contact Patricia for room requests, to pay by Zelle or Venmo or for further inquiries

Queen with Window                      $940        $495/each

Shared Bath

Queen with Balcony Access         $990        $515/each

Ocean View  /  Shared Bath

 Master - Ocean Front                    $1,195     $595/each   

 Balcony  /  Marble Bath & Jacuzzi



 Ocean Views

Stay in a spacious, well appointed, 
and very comfortable home.  Six sliding
glass doors for full view of the Atlantic!   
Rest comfortably at night to the sounds
of the oceans waves in one of 5 bedrooms
 on top-of-the-line mattresses.  
Colorful homemade meals are lovingly prepared,
mostly organic with vegetarian and vegan options.  Gluten free also available.
An opportunity to cleanse and re-boot your digestive with healthy, nourishing and delicious food!
A returning attendee often shares that she only
comes for the food!!   {giggle]

Optional:  Experience the potent ancient ceremony

of Homa Therapy called Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset which heals the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you!



 "I learned and experienced so many new healing techniques.  I also experienced the creative side of myself that I haven't seen in a very long time.  It was refreshing!"

"What an amazing weekend at the beach!  Your warm and loving presence made me feel right at home from the moment I arrived.  The magnificence of the sing bowls permeated my being with a primordial resonance of unity and peace.  Mary's angelic Spirit and joyfulness could light up the world. The essence of her meditations and angel readings were transforming.  Chrissy's heartfelt morning yoga was a pure delight.  The beauty of having the view of the ocean when we looked outside, the feeling of warm sand on our feet finding sea shells and the playful appearance of the dolphins were so soothing.   You provided a safe, nonjudgmental, and healing space for all of us. By the end of the weekend eight total strangers had a loving bond that will last forever.  Thank You!"

"I came a little broken, but left a new Woman!!  Thank you for all you shared!!"

  "Just want to thank You so much for ALL the BEAUTIFUL siSTARS I was Blessed to get to know during Your amazing retreat!!!

I am still processing ALL the Beautiful Sound Healings, the Angel Card readings, the Energy works, the meditations, the full moon Energies,the Love that You gave Us All!  Words can't be found to explain how My Heart is Filled with so much Joy, Peace,Blessings and LOVE!!!!! You are an Amazing Woman!  And siSTAR!  Thank You for sharing ALL Your Knowledge and Talents as You have helped me so much on My Spiritual Journey!"


Healing with the Dolphins

through Sound, Crystals, Fire and Playtime

Destin, Florida

  “Thank you again for such a wonderful event!!!  I loved every minute of it, and got some deep proufound healings.  I feel much more calm and not as nervous and anxious as I did, and I feel much less depression.”    

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